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What Will Associations Monetize In The Future?

Associations offer more than education opportunities. They provide industry research, membership, certification and standards, networking and advocacy. And all of these services have been monetized in order to provide additional services for their members. Yet, today, many of these services have become commoditized. Others produce these products, often at higher quality, with value-adds, at lower … [Read more…]

Your Conference Audience Is Dead

It used to be that face to face presentations were one of the most important places people would go to get new, cutting-edge, critical information. They would pay a conference registration fee, airfare, lodging and expenses to attend a conference just to get that new information. But that has changed with the click of the … [Read more…]

Participatory Conferences And Events: Participatory Design Or Design For Participation?

Here’s a test. Pick which statement best defines a participatory conference. A. Conference organizers invite prospective attendees to participate in the development, design and planning of a conference experience. B. Conference organizers design a conference experience using an intentional internal design process however once the conference begins, it invites attendees to contribute, participate and interact. … [Read more…]