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Creating Participatory Conferences, The P In EPIC

Do you remember Pop Rocks candy? It was the candy that exploded and jumped in your mouth. Or perhaps you recall Zotz, the candy that fizzed in your mouth. Interactive Candy If you walk the aisles of a local department store today, you’ll find a new host of interactive candies. You’ll see Armageddon Asteroids, Big … [Read more…]

Conferences Need To Focus On Creating Experiences, The E Of EPIC Conferences

Imagine it’s 2084. You are craving a new experience that you’ve not had in the past. You decide to visit Rekall to get a memory implant of a new vacation experience. This is the setting of the 1990 movie Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger or the 2012 remake with Colin Farrell. While Total Recall is … [Read more…]

Five More Fresh Innovative Game Changer Conference Ideas

The best conference organizers are proactively looking for fresh, new ideas to implement at their next annual meeting. They work hard at coming up with the next big idea. Shattering Status Quo The most innovative conference organizers are not satisfied with creating ordinary, mundane conference experiences. They have no patience for the status quo. As … [Read more…]

Which Would You Rather Attend: A Speech Or A Movie?

Which would you rather attend: A ninety-minute speech or a ninety-minute movie? You’ve got to be kidding, right? The majority of us would rather go to a movie than a speech. Now, let’s put this into a conference context. Given a choice, would you rather go to a two-day film festival or a two-day conference? … [Read more…]

Is Your Conference EPIC?

The challenge of many conferences today is that they are like local, indigenous populations using their native tongue trying to talk to foreign immigrants. The traditional conference experience is out of touch, disconnected and using an outdated model. It fails to connect with today’s generations. Well, it’s time your conference went EPIC! Four Stages Of … [Read more…]

You Need These Conference Learning Game Changers

We need more game changing, transformative learning at our conferences! We need more learning. Deeper learning. More effective education that leads to transformative, productive, professional change. We need more peer sharing and peer learning. We need more education experiences based on scientific evidence of how the adult brain learns. We need conferences to be the … [Read more…]

From M&Ms To Supernatural Learning: Attributes Of Effective Learning Strategies

I don’t believe in cookbooks for learning. I’ve seen too many well-intentioned instructors pick up someone else’s education recipe and create a flawed experience. It just falls flat. The Meal Needs More Than Just The Right Ingredients I do believe in sound ingredients that can be combined and recombined in many ways to create a … [Read more…]

Horseshoe Groups: Merging Two Buzz Groups To Increase Audience Discussion

Lectures are a barrier to the listener’s thinking. The constant one-way transfer of information is like a dripping faucet. The information keeps coming and coming and coming. And that constant drip of new data, facts, figures and info keeps the brain overwhelmed with new information. The listener is faced with a choice: listen to the … [Read more…]

Creating Buzz Groups To Add Audience Participation To Traditional Lectures

Lectures are good for sharing information. They are not good for learning and getting listeners to think! Nor are the good for getting listeners to remember and apply the information they hear. Audience discussion methods are more effective for learning than the lecture. Lectures are the equivalent of distributing a report and asking people to … [Read more…]

How To Use Your Meeting Space To Create An Ownership Experience

Have you ever been in an Apple Store? They are bright, open spaces with lofty ceilings, sleek design and great technology to play with at your fingertips. They offer a variety of services from the private one-on-one Genius Bar consultations to how-to classes to events to roving staff that are more like personal assistants than … [Read more…]