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Social Media, Social Technology Tools And Social Learning For Your Conference

OK, I admit it. I’m an information junkie! I’m addicted to learning new information. Learning, My Drug Of Choice Learning is my drug of choice. I get a high when my internal light bulb flashes. With each aha, my body is flooded with endorphins. I consume hordes of information on a regular basis. I love … [Read more…]

Social Learning At Conferences: Moving From Passive Attendee To Active Participant

Have you ever received the elbow nudge during a workshop or conference? If you’re like me, you’ve even given a few to colleagues and friends. The Ubiquitous Elbow Nudge The elbow nudge occurs when a peer decides to emphasize something a presenter said. Suddenly you feel an elbow in your rib cage as your contemporary … [Read more…]

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [Infographic]

  Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming educational technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartener in a calculus class. Here’s a cheat sheet infographic created by Boundless that can help. How many of these education trends is your organization implementing? Which of these trends is your … [Read more…]

Why Conferences Need More Peer To Peer Talking And Less Monologues

Hardwired into every one is the desire to communicate! We crave and need communication with each other. Listening to conference lectures is one-sided. It doesn’t provide the same fulfillment as two-way dialogue with our peers. As long as our attendees participate in speaker monologues and panel dialogues, they lack the ability to grow social bonds … [Read more…]

Conference Attendees Remember What They Think About

Conference speakers make assumptions every day about how their attendees comprehend, remember and apply the information they hear. These assumptions, as well as their presentation decisions, are based on a mix of theories, trial and error, past experiences with their own teachers and professors, and instinct. Yet are these theories, experiences and instinct serving the … [Read more…]

How To Use Your Meeting Space To Create An Ownership Experience

Have you ever been in an Apple Store? They are bright, open spaces with lofty ceilings, sleek design and great technology to play with at your fingertips. They offer a variety of services from the private one-on-one Genius Bar consultations to how-to classes to events to roving staff that are more like personal assistants than … [Read more…]

Six Uber Important Conference Connections

During school, we focused on what was in our heads. We took exams, got grades, received diplomas and worked towards degrees. During work, we focus on doing the job right. Our work is an open-book exam and we access lifelines from our colleagues to the Internet. Accessing our networks is encouraged and welcomed. Success today … [Read more…]

Social Isolation In The Midst Of A Crowded General Session

Rows and rows of chairs in straight lines face the stage. Aisles separate sections of chairs so people can navigate the room. The large ballroom easily seats 5,000 people theater style. The air is cold and stale. The lights dim. A dancing image appears on the front screens and the delay screens hanging from the … [Read more…]

Confusing Social Terms Defined. Cheat Sheet: Web 2.0 Glossary

Imagine for a moment that in 1998, Google was operating in a garage, Apple introduced the iMac and the founder of Facebook was still in junior high school. Fast forward to today. A lot has changed. We’ve seen the rise of collaborative software and social networks. Web 2.0 has made seismic shifts in our communications, … [Read more…]

Are You Prepared To Lead Your Organization Into The Future?

Many organizations continue to view the future as a linear progression from the past. Their leadership thinks they can predict what happens next. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Myth Of Organizational Linear Progression Authors Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd discuss why this belief is fiction in their book The 2020 Workplace: … [Read more…]