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Helping Conference Participants Move From Superficial Knowing To Understanding

Have you ever walked out of a conference education session and said, “Now I understand,” and then can’t remember the main point? Sure you have. You’ve been a victim of superficial knowledge. You have a false sense of security that you “got it.” Then when you try to talk about it, you can’t remember the … [Read more…]

Innovative Techniques In Conference Formats For The Participatory Culture

Here is the PPT slide deck from a recent presentation to The Higher Education User Group (HEUG). Innovative Techniques In Conference Formats For The Participatory Culture View more presentations from Jeff Hurt. For more information consider these past posts: How Participatory Cultures Are Changing Conferences, Events And Associations The One Technology Tool Most Associations And … [Read more…]

How To Use Pecha Kucha And Ignite Models Effectively In Your Event

Finding new ways to engage conference participants is a challenge for many conference organizers. Entertainment, the Internet and media have transformed society into the participatory culture. Today’s conference audiences are accustomed to quick action, rapid scene changes, racing soundtracks and the ability to change their direction with a click. They expect visceral stimulation and are … [Read more…]

What Presentations And Pancakes Have In Common

I woke up with an intense craving for golden, fluffy, hot, spongy pancakes with a crispy edge. I rarely eat pancakes. But this morning the desire was strong. My mind was deluged with the smell of fresh pancakes on the griddle, the sound of the batter hitting the pan and the sight of a pancake … [Read more…]

The Yin And Yang Of Push And Pull For Your Conferences And Education

What happens when someone pushes you? How does your body and mind respond? You body gets tense. You try to resist. You become defensive. And sometimes, you react by pushing back. Resistance is common when being pushed. I submit it is actually a form of engagement. If someone only experiences being pushed, they soon feel … [Read more…]

The One Technology Tool Most Associations And Conferences Need Today

Today’s networked individuals have shaped the Internet into something especially hospitable to an emerging class of citizens – the participatory class. The Internet pioneers built into its structure, organization, model of governance and sustainability, the potential for creation, collaboration, sharing and interactive learning. One of the most important characteristics of this Web 2.0 World is … [Read more…]

How Participatory Cultures Are Changing Conferences, Events And Associations

Roughly two-thirds of adult Internet users have created content and media for the web. The number of adults who use the Internet to broadcast or narrowcast to several people or more has gone from less than a tenth of the population in the 1990s to more than half the entire population in the early part … [Read more…]

Eight Tips To Encourage Participation, Intimacy, Community In Your Conferences And Events

When was the last time you visited a museum? Nina Simon‘s Complicity, Intimacy, Community post about fostering personal relationships with visitors in small and large spaces brought back a flood of memories of some of my museum experiences. You should read it and then come back here. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you finish. … [Read more…]

Are We Ready For Annual Conferences In Perpetual Beta To Improve Attendee Experiences?

Change is the constant today. What would happen if conference organizers released information about their annual event and called it a perpetual beta version? What if a specific number of presentations were not identified and instead were labeled beta and the organizers asked attendees to help them co-create the sessions? What if some of the … [Read more…]