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Five Deadly Presentation Killers

Quick, name the last presentation that you attended. Now, name two things you learned from that presentation. Can you do it? If you can’t recall at least one or two things from that presentation, was it worth your time and investment? Now try this. Name the last speaker or presentation that you heard that totally … [Read more…]

HAPO – Help A Planner Out! Crowdsourcing A Speaker Confirmation Letter

  Have you heard of HARO – Help A Reporter Out? We’ll here’s your opportunity to HAPO – Help A Planner Out. If you have expertise in meetings, events, education, association work, marketing, branding–whatever, think about helping this meetings and education specialist. Crowdsourcing A Speaker Confirmation Letter Meet Veronica Bemis, Education Program Coordinator, American Wind … [Read more…]

Three Ways To Upgrade Reekin’ Stinkin’ Conference Education And Help Your Presenters Practice Their Craft

Let’s face it. Most conference education is lackluster. Actually, most of it stinks, is dull and could be used to line bird cages. Generally, our customers say they attend conferences and meetings to learn and network. Yet, we as conference organizers continue to do the same things we’ve always done when planning our meetings–focus on … [Read more…]

Improving Your Conference Education: Begin With The End In Mind

When securing speakers for you next conference or meeting, here are two things that you can do that will have an immediate positive effect on your conference education:   Tell your speakers that you want them to build their presentations backwards. They should begin by identifying the learning outcomes. What is it that they want their … [Read more…]

Eight Conference Presentation Myths That Hamstring Attendees’ Learning

Most conference organizers see attendees as consumers of the conference’s content and experience. Little thought is given to seeing attendees as active participants in their own learning and experience. Here are eight conference presentation myths that hamstring most attendees’ learning that conference organizers should avoid. Myth 1: There is one single educational approach such as a … [Read more…]

The American Idol Strategy Of Picking Conference Speakers

America has a love-hate-relationship with American Idol. We boo the negative naysayer and painfully honest founder and judge Simon Cowell. Although we often secretly agree with what he has to say. We applaud the effervescent Ellen DeGeneres when she says she likes a finalist and compares them to an unripe banana. Although we know she … [Read more…]

An Open Letter To Association Board Members, Committees, Executives

Dear Association X (insert your association name here): I have been a member of your association for several years. I am writing this open letter to you about your annual conference and event speakers, and how they map to my professional development needs. For the past several years, I have attended your annual meetings and … [Read more…]

Fore! Some Master It. Others Teach It. A Speaker Selection Golf Lesson For Meeting Professionals

In early history, golf was reserved for the royals, played with sticks and pebbles over natural landscapes. During the Industrial Revolution, golf clubs and balls became mass produced and inexpensive enough for more of us to chase the little white ball around a fairway, rough and other hazards. Today, there are millions of golfers in … [Read more…]