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Invest in Your Speakers to Grow Your Value Proposition

The bread and butter of conferences is concurrent education sessions. Keynote speakers and main-room experiences are pivotal for bringing the community together and sharing key messaging, but attendees expect—and deserve—transformational learning (change in ideas, attitudes and behaviors)  from curated, relevant and problem-centric educational sessions. Why do we often leave this most critical and valuable aspect … [Read more…]

Too Many Technical Presentations Suffer From POOH!

Sutro Baths: Vertical Poop by Andy Morris Your conference’s technical presentations suffer from POOH*! “Huh?” you ask. “What are you talking about?” Too often, and I mean way too often, our conferences are full of technical presentations that offer nothing more than POOH! For some reason, we falsely believe that technical presentations don’t have to … [Read more…]

How To Be A Bodacious, Wicked, Totally Tubular Technical Presenter

Highly specialized technical complex topics are often associated with boring, butt-numbing, brain-draining, hum-drum, buzzkill presentations. So how do you tackle complicated technical content head on and still deliver an engaging, memorable and bodacious presentation? How do you move your audience from saying, “I thought that presentation would never end,” to “Booyah! That was totally awesomesauce!” … [Read more…]

Why Many Experts Make Bad Presenters, Especially For Novice Audiences

When I was a new teenage driver, I learned not to ask my father for directions. (Remember we did not have Google Maps yet.) Our discussion would go something like this: Jeff: Dad, what exit do I take off of the freeway to get to Valley View Mall? Dad: You get on Peters Creek Road … [Read more…]

Fore! Some Master It. Others Teach It. A Speaker Selection Golf Lesson For Meeting Professionals

In early history, golf was reserved for the royals, played with sticks and pebbles over natural landscapes. During the Industrial Revolution, golf clubs and balls became mass produced and inexpensive enough for more of us to chase the little white ball around a fairway, rough and other hazards. Today, there are millions of golfers in … [Read more…]