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Testimonials Don’t Convert Conference Prospects

You’ve heard the litany: Testimonials are great third party endorsements. Using testimonials will increase your conference attendance. Yadda Yadda It’s all bull. Two big reasons you should do it anyway. 1. Smart testimonials will make people pause. Testimonials can give marketers what they want…a better chance of being heard and considered. Our lives are cluttered with … [Read more…]

Using Targeted Testimonials To Build Conference Attendance And Increase Exhibitors, Sponsors

The most powerful sales and marketing tool that builds attendance or helps new exhibitors and sponsors sign on the dotted line is a targeted testimonial. Author and speaker Jeff Gitomer said it best: “When you say it about yourself, it’s bragging. When somebody else says it about you, it’s proof!” Most organizations use testimonials as … [Read more…]