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Your Conference Logo Needs Policing

Ok, you get it – Your Conference is a Brand. You’ve moved beyond the “annual meeting” into something more meaningful to your attendees. You’ve got your conference mission. You know how your conference will advance the profession and what’s in it for your participants. Now it is time to put your hard work into action. … [Read more…]

The Extraordinary Social Media Event Marketing Guide Infographic

Having a social media plan for your next event is critical to your success. It shouldn’t be an afterthought or something only your attendees use. Here’s an infographic from Marketo that will help you create a Social Media Event Marketing Plan. It’s taken directly from Marketo’s free Definitive Guide to Event Marketing (in case you … [Read more…]

Stop Trying To Offer Conference Content To Everyone

As a conference organizer, you want everyone to become a registrant, right? Male, female, young, old and everyone in between. So you try to attract as many people as possible with your programming. And you try to reach as many people as possible with your marketing. You are willing to take money from anyone willing … [Read more…]

Time To Reboot Your Conference And Event Marketing

Is your event and conference marketing like this… We’d love for you to attend our open house. There will be 99 dishes, 15 colors of napkins, seating for 75, and two buffet tables. Five speakers will present 15 minutes each while you watch in amazement. I bet you can’t wait! If yes, it’s time to … [Read more…]

Engaging Conference Attendees At Hello Results In Big Rewards

Are you looking for ways to improve your conference attendee loyalty? If yes, and I’m sure you are, here’s an effective strategy: Integrate a deliberate on-boarding effort for new attendees into your attendance-marketing plan. Master this and you’ll receive big rewards! First Time Attendee Trend Our industry is experiencing an interesting trend with the increase … [Read more…]

Is Your Conference Marketing So Last Year?

Every year you have to figure out how to fill the chairs at your annual event. It’s Déjà vu all over again. The minute the conference is finished, you have to start again, figuring out new ways to get your audience to return the following year. It’s a never-ending cycle where you’re in constant search … [Read more…]

Your Conference Is Like One Of These Types Of Restaurants

Some of my friends call me a foodie. I prefer the term connoisseur as it sounds more sophisticated. There’s no doubt about it. I am devoted to the enjoyment of good food. Three Types Of Restaurants One of the things I’ve learned in my scouring for good and unusual foods is that there are three … [Read more…]

CEUs Are The Fool’s Gold Of Conference Marketing

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are nothing more than fool’s gold. Yes, that’s right. It’s just like Pyrite with a metallic yellow hue luster that attracts us. We think it’s gold…but it’s not! CEUs or continuing education credits are often mistaken for the primary reason why attendees go to conferences. While important, they are no longer … [Read more…]