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Eight Terribly Common Association Breaches And Breakdowns

Sadly, and all too commonly, many associations appear to suffer from the equivalent of attention deficit disorder. If you know someone with ADD, you know what happens when s/he exerts energy in the absence of focus, goals and vision. Many associations are like this as well. They suffer from Organizational-ADD. It all starts with the … [Read more…]

Avoiding Personal Agendas and Pay-to-Play In The Speaker Review Process

We’ve seen it happen in almost every organization where we assessed their speaker review process. Someone on the conference committee blackballs a great presentation or speaker. Or someone approves a presentation proposal and speaker that has had poor scores in the past. Why does this happen? Conference committee members put personal agendas and friendships above … [Read more…]

You Don’t Know Jack About Working With Volunteers

(Here are some of my notes from Cynthia D’Amour’s Lazy Leader Road Show “Creating A Surplus Of Volunteers” which recently stopped in Dallas.) Martyr leader volunteers! Our organizations are rife with them. They are the survival strategy for many nonprofits. Yet, focusing on them can actually kill an organization. The Awful Truth About Our Current Volunteer … [Read more…]

10 Ways To Ensure Your Nonprofit Volunteers Fail

As a former nonprofit employee and a volunteer leader, I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to volunteers. Here are a few I’ve learned the hard way, either through my own leadership missteps or from serving as a volunteer board member, committee chair or volunteer at large. 1. Don’t think about each volunteer individually. Don’t … [Read more…]