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You Choose: Bloated Painfully Slow Blimp Or Stealth Agile Fighter Jet

Recently I saw the Goodyear Blimp circling a major Dallas freeway. It bounced up and down with the intensity of a bobble-head-frenzy. Several times it plunged nose-first in a new direction. It was clunky and off target—at least it looked like it was astray. It was also painfully slow.Some association governance structures have bloated into … [Read more…]

Eight Terribly Common Association Breaches And Breakdowns

Sadly, and all too commonly, many associations appear to suffer from the equivalent of attention deficit disorder. If you know someone with ADD, you know what happens when s/he exerts energy in the absence of focus, goals and vision. Many associations are like this as well. They suffer from Organizational-ADD. It all starts with the … [Read more…]

When Opinion By Committee Can Lead You Astray

Last night we went to a local chain restaurant. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad. It was average at best. After our meal, I told others about my visit. My relatives all had an opinion about the restaurant. So did my spouse and my friends. I started to post a comment in Facebook to ask … [Read more…]

Are You Using The Rear View Mirror To See What Is Ahead?

What vantage point do you use to move forward? The rear view mirror, your headlights or a travel advisor who tells you what’s ahead? The Three Views Seth Kahan recently spoke at Texas Society of Association Executives New Ideas 2011 Conference at the Omni Houston Galleria in Houston, Tx. Kahan is the CEO of Visionary … [Read more…]

10 Ways To Change The Way You See Everything

Notes From Experient’s e4 Closing General Session With Hank Wasiak Dare to be different. Take risks. Change the way you see everything through Asset-Based Thinking. Dare To Be Different was the theme of Experient’s e4 2010 Conference where I participated as a speaker. It was four days packed with amazing content, food, fun, people and surprise … [Read more…]