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My Presentation Is Fine—It’s The Audience That Doesn’t Get It!

“My presentation is fine. It’s the audience’s fault if they don’t get it?” “Why do I need to change the way I present? My lecture has worked for years. I get great scores and reviews.” I’m sure you’ve heard statements like this. Maybe you’ve even said something similar yourself. So, why should speakers change how … [Read more…]

Sagacious And Substantive Gists We Should Appreciate, Comprehend And Respect Regarding Learning

Learning: it is probably one of the most misunderstood and misapplied concepts today. Many of us assume learning results from attending a class. We believe that our brains are like sponges that just absorb whatever it hears or sees. We presume that learning is a byproduct of listening to a lecture. We’ve even given names … [Read more…]

Six Tips To Create The Conference Introvert Advantage

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you’re an introvert, you’re trendy right now. There is a lot of media buzz about introversion and their inner strengths in a primarily extrovert world. One In Four… At least one in four people tends to listen more than they speak, often feels alone in large groups, … [Read more…]

Aligning Conference Schedules With Neuroscience To Avoid The Attendee Overwhelm Epidemic

Too many conferences foster attendee information overload. The plethora of presenters pushing information at warp speeds cause fragmented attention, overburden brains and data excess. It’s a silent epidemic that cause stagnate mental engagement. And our conference schedules stretch attendees in ways that may have bigger implications than just unhealthy eating. They cause mental disconnection. Seven … [Read more…]

Why Participant-Centered Education Rules

Participant-Centered Education from Jeff Hurt Our current association adult education is a victim to an outdated teacher- and expert-centered model. It has its roots in puritan beliefs that wisdom is evil and the less we know, the more innocent we are. To succeed we must move out of the didactic traditional training box. We must … [Read more…]

Is Your Conference Primarily Focused On Speakers Or Attendees?

Is your conference primarily focused on speakers? Is it so focused on speakers that it’s become a conference of speakers speaking to other speakers because no one else attends the education sessions? Maybe you’re saying, “No, my conference is focused on attendees!” How To Tell If Your Conference Focus Is Speakers Or Attendees Here’s how … [Read more…]

Moving Towards More Peeragogy Learning Experiences For Conferences And Associations

What if at your next education experience, the speaker gave all the expert-power to the audience? What if the participants were empowered to take more control of their learning, collaboration and dialogue? It’s happening in secondary schools, colleges, universities and some education experiences across the globe. It’s peeragogy or paragogy, also known as peer-based learning. … [Read more…]

Preventing Death By Lecture Through Audience Discussion

Many people believe that PowerPoint (PPT) presentations are a leading killer of learning. We even call it “Death by PPT.” Actually, the typical 45-, 60- or 90-minute speech has a higher mortality rate than PPT. And that speech may actually be a fugitive living under an assumed name like keynote, lecture, breakout, plenary, concurrent or … [Read more…]

14 Adult Learning Principles To Combat The Conference Learning Crisis

Leaving no conference attendee brain behind. It’s the new motto of the 21st century conference organizer…that is, if you want to get them back next year. It’s time for associations and corporations to address the root cause of the conference learning crisis: a limited understanding of successful adult learning. Andragogy – How Adults Learn Malcolm … [Read more…]