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Aligning Conference Schedules With Neuroscience To Avoid The Attendee Overwhelm Epidemic

Too many conferences foster attendee information overload. The plethora of presenters pushing information at warp speeds cause fragmented attention, overburden brains and data excess. It’s a silent epidemic that cause stagnate mental engagement. And our conference schedules stretch attendees in ways that may have bigger implications than just unhealthy eating. They cause mental disconnection. Seven … [Read more…]

Why Participant-Centered Education Rules

Participant-Centered Education from Jeff Hurt Our current association adult education is a victim to an outdated teacher- and expert-centered model. It has its roots in puritan beliefs that wisdom is evil and the less we know, the more innocent we are. To succeed we must move out of the didactic traditional training box. We must … [Read more…]

Do You Plan Meetings With 500+ People?

Do you plan meetings with 500 or more people? Do you secure both professional and industry speakers for your events? If yes to both questions, would you give us about 10 minutes of your time to complete this survey? Velvet Chainsaw has partnered with Tagoras, a leading market research and learning consulting company to capture … [Read more…]

Help Us With This Meetings And Education Research

Our mantra is that we are here to help you. It is our goal to help You The meetings and association profession and The hospitality and association industries grow and progress. That’s why we rarely ask for your help. We want to be a benefit and provide value. Today is the exception and we hope … [Read more…]

How Your Fear Of Social Media Can Lead To Death In 10 Steps

Your fear of using social media may actually be due to your fear of death. Sound preposterous? Way off base? Absurd? Laughable? That’s not what Dr. Travis Kemp, one of Australia’s leading performance psychologists and leadership development facilitators thinks. Fear Is The Barrier Humans are bad at assessing risk. We let our personal fears guide … [Read more…]

Six Web Verbs Associations And #Eventprofs Should Adopt

In the next 20 years, six dramatic technology trends will influence our connected world. We are already watching how these forces are shaping modern web culture. Kevin Kelly, co-founder and senior maverick of Wired Magazine, identified these six trends in his opening keynote at the 2011 Web 2.0 Conference. His reflections give us a window … [Read more…]