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Event Planning Has Risen in the Ranks of Most Stressful Jobs

Before the pandemic, one could argue that jobs with life-and-death consequences were surely more stressful than planning an annual conference. But things have changed. According to a study by the World Scholarship Vault, event planner stress levels are hitting a new high — the third-most stressful job in the world for 2023. Meanwhile, nearly every article … [Read more…]

Four Smart Savvy Conference Tips For Attendees

It’s the start of the fall conference season. Some of my trade association colleagues are making their annual journey to the trade association Mecca. Well, let’s not get too carried away with calling ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Expo Mecca. Four Tips To Make Your Conference Experience More Successful Whether you’re attending ASAE12 or another conference, … [Read more…]

Cheat Sheet: #ASAE12 Annual Meeting Sessions For Professional Development Staff

ASAE 2012 Annual Meeting and Expo offers a wide variety of education sessions. Here’s a cheat sheet of the education opportunities specific for trade association professional development staff. Sunday, August 12, 2012, 1:30 – 2:45 PM Video as an Educational and Communication Tool Dallas Convention Center (DCC): D171 John Cox JD, Jeff Ghannam, David Welch … [Read more…]

Big Hair, Big Bling, Big Money, Big Boots: Things To Know Before You Go To ASAE 12 In Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Yes, in Texas size matters. At least, that’s what most Texans want you to believe! Whether its Texas-sized chicken fried steak smothered in gravy, boot-scottin’ country & western bars, Sam Moon’s bling and fashion accessories stores, the Texas State Fair, Highland Park mansions or the Dallas’ Cowboy’s Stadium, it’s all … [Read more…]

Enough Of Slow Death Conferences!

“It’s like attending a slow death. Once you’ve been to one conference, you’ve been to them all. They are boring!” Those words echoed in my ears like a YouTube video continuing to loop. They stung. Resonated. Pricked my brain. They sat on my heart like concrete blocks tied to my feet and sunk in the … [Read more…]

Six Research Tactics To Continually Improve Your Annual Meeting

R&D. Those three characters can strike fear in some and dread in others. Your annual meeting is just one touchstone in a portfolio of customer touchpoints. Like any gadget, service, or software, the annual meeting fills a need and provides solutions to customers. Usually it generates revenue for the organizing company. And like any good … [Read more…]

What Would Happen If? How To Eat Your Own Dogfood

“If you want to be disruptive, don’t start with your best practices,” says Unmair Haque. “Try instead with your industry’s worst practices and take tiny steps–or better yet, giant leaps–towards bettering them.” Umair Haque’s post, “Why You Should Focus On Your Worst Practices” got me thinking. His statement “Diet on your own dogfood” resonated with … [Read more…]

Four Overlooked Tips To Make Your Conference Experience More Successful

If you’re like me, you’re probably planning on attending at least one conference during the coming year. How do you prepare for your conference attendance? Do you make a list of goals or people that you want to meet before you attend? Or do you attend with a free spirit attitude and let spontaneity rule? … [Read more…]