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Reasons Why Members Recommend Association Membership To Colleagues

What influences someone to join a nonprofit association? According to a 2012 association study, recommendations from advisors, colleagues, experts, families and friends has the most influence on a person’s decision to join an association. 32% of association members state that they joined based on the recommendation of another person. 14% received recommendations from families and … [Read more…]

Today’s Youth Are On A Quest For Authenticity And Community

Imagine the following conversation. Eeeeghads! Our organization will fade away in 10-15 years if we don’t start reaching a younger generation. Our membership is mostly Baby Boomers. Most will retire in 15 years. We’re not sure if they will retain membership with us or not. We’ve got to attract more GenX and Millennials. What do … [Read more…]

Association Members Want Movement Not Organizational Institutions

I have devoted more than twenty years of my adult life to nonprofits and associations. I have spent countless hours volunteering my time to help nonprofits succeed. I have given many staff hours to helping an industry progress. When a nonprofit works, it is a thing of beauty. It is uniquely able to do radical … [Read more…]

The Association Leaders’ Membership Aberration

This scene is repeated every day during the school year. Moms walk their young children to preschool. Together, they greet the teacher at the door. Moms hug their children and say, “I love you. Have fun.” Their children enter the classroom and begin to play. Moms linger for a moment and then turn to begin … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Your Association Is Failing

Your nonprofit association used to be at the top of the charts. It was the go-to organization for information, education and networking in your industry, cause or profession. Your annual meetings registration list read like a Who’s Who of those in the profession. The movers and shakers touted your benefits. Yet in the past couple of … [Read more…]