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Your Conference Planning Really Is Brain Surgery

You’ve heard the saying, “Come on, this is not brain surgery.” It means that something is really simple to do. We use it to encourage people to stop whining and do the obvious. Planning the right conference programming for the right target audience is profoundly simple. If you have a vision and focus. And it … [Read more…]

6 Barriers That Impede Conference Attendee Attention

Everyday our brains make a payment of their precious resources. We try to pay attention. We attempt to listen, read or work on a single task for as long as we can. Our visual and auditory systems strive to lock into the work at hand. Can I Have Your Attention? To pay attention, we have … [Read more…]

Annual Meetings Overloaded With Scarcity Of Attention

Attention. It is the currency of today.  Squirrel!* Oops, back to the post. Attention is more important and more valuable than reach or impressions. Without it we cannot learn. Using it wisely and economically, we can increase our learning and change our future. Attention. We all want it. We all have it. We all want … [Read more…]