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Conferences Should Mirror These CEO Employee Expectations

1,700+ CEOs in 64 countries identified collaboration, agility, mining connections and relationships, and innovation through partnering as the top critical traits that their employees need today. According to CEOs, the top four personal characteristics most critical for employees success were: collaboration, communicative, creative and flexible. CEOs seek employees who will thrive in an open environment. … [Read more…]

Creating Compelling Experiential Spaces For Conferences

Steelcase, a global office environment creator, was invited by TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference organizers to create immersive environments for their conference. (Did you click on that link to watch the short video clips showing some examples?) TED wanted compelling spaces that sparked great attendee conversations and nurtured community. 5 Principles For Designing Compelling … [Read more…]

Creating Community, Identity And Reflection With Your Conference Space

Have you ever seen a movie that starts with a fast action scene? Immediately, you are pulled into the middle of things. Screenwriters call this media res or in the middle of a plot. They know that they can pull their viewers into the story by placing the action at the beginning. This same principle … [Read more…]

Foster These New Participant Attitudes For Your Next Conference Experience

I’m feelin’ good from my head to my shoes Know where I’m goin’ and I know what to do I tidied up my point of view I got a new attitude! Patti LaBelle, New Attitude As a conference organizer, when was the last time that you had a new attitude about your participants’ conference experience? … [Read more…]

You Need These Six Actions At Your Next Conference

Do you design your conference meeting space with participants’ behaviors and actions in mind? Or do you design meeting space based on what is the most efficient and not necessarily the most effective? Regardless, you have the unique ability to motivate and stimulate your participants’ specific behaviors during your event. Orienting The Room For Specific … [Read more…]

Creating Conference Meeting Space For Innovation And Collaboration

Walk into any space and consciously or not, that space tells us about how to respond. We internally feel what we are supposed to do there. We read the physical environment like we read another person’s emotions. The context of the space determines what we do there. Space Matters Space is the body language of … [Read more…]

The Four Cs Of Conferences And Social Media

This post is my contribution to the free eBook, Social Media For Events 2010: 7 Event Experts Weigh In On The Year Ahead compiled and created by Lara McCullouch-Carter. The Four Cs Of Conferences And Social Media Many novices and skeptics find social media confusing, much less trying to integrate social media with their events.  Why … [Read more…]