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The Way You View Your Annual Meeting Changes The Way You Look At Things

We see the world as we are. Scientists will tell you that there is no objectivity. Researchers influence the outcome of their research. The questions that we ask influence the information we uncover. If you change how you think, you’ll change how you see the world. How Do You View Your Annual Meeting? Valeria Maltoni … [Read more…]

Changing Attitudes: The Conference Mindsets Of Progress

Where are the dynamic conferences going in the future? Who is driving these conference changes? A renewed vision focused on learning, value, connections and ROI is driving this change. Participants and conference organizers are leading the charge. Mindset: Conferences Are About Learning Not Just Distributing Information Participants can find information online. Ask any Millennial for … [Read more…]

Want To Be A More Strategic Meeting Professional? Adopt These Perspectives!

Meeting professionals often hear they need to be more strategic in order to succeed. The successful meeting professionals that can move seamlessly back and forth from the logistics to the big picture are those that rise to the top. They are the ones that gain a seat at the executives’ table. Defining The Strategic Meeting … [Read more…]

Meeting Site Selection Cheat Sheet: Logistics

While a journey is a road, not a destination, most meetings are about the destination not the road. Choosing the right destination is critical to a meetings’ success. Effective meting professionals focus on two key factors in the site selection process: Foretelling an organization’s meeting requirements and Evaluating a potential site’s ability to meet those … [Read more…]

Meeting Site Selection Cheat Sheet: Attendee Perspective

Location, location, location. Three of the most important words in a meeting professional’s repertoire. The selection of a city and venue is a critical factor in the success of a meeting. Choose the wrong city and your potential attendees may not register. Choose the wrong venue location (airport, downtown, resort or suburb) and your attendees … [Read more…]

The Quest for Continuous Meeting Improvement

Every business seeks to hire and retain exceptional talent. Organizations that demonstrate that they care for their people are making an investment in their future.  We’ve all heard it many times over. For meeting professionals to bring the greatest value to their organization, they’ve got to be strategic. The path leading to the executive table … [Read more…]

Eight Ways To Vary Your Conference Seating And Improve Your Attendees’ Experience

Said to myself sit down, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat The room layout will drag you under With a monologue so heavy you’d never float, Sit down, sit down, sit down Sit down, sit down, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat. Paraphrase of Sit Down Your’re Rocking The Boat from Guys And Dolls One … [Read more…]