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Meeting Site Selection Cheat Sheet: Logistics

While a journey is a road, not a destination, most meetings are about the destination not the road. Choosing the right destination is critical to a meetings’ success. Effective meting professionals focus on two key factors in the site selection process: Foretelling an organization’s meeting requirements and Evaluating a potential site’s ability to meet those … [Read more…]

Meeting Site Selection Cheat Sheet: Attendee Perspective

Location, location, location. Three of the most important words in a meeting professional’s repertoire. The selection of a city and venue is a critical factor in the success of a meeting. Choose the wrong city and your potential attendees may not register. Choose the wrong venue location (airport, downtown, resort or suburb) and your attendees … [Read more…]

Meeting Planners Cheat Sheet: Food

Here’s the second in a series of four quick tip sheets for meeting and event professionals regarding food and beverage, and meeting room setups. ¬†Here’s the first tip sheet: Meeting Planners Cheat Sheet: Beverages. Most venues consider food and beverage as a significant revenue center. Often hotels give free meeting space based on the amount … [Read more…]