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How Do You Feel About The Commoditization Of Event Production?

I love a cloned conference! Don’t you? Jeff Rodgers of Zap Creative has launched The Meetings Department that offers a plug and play template for your next meeting. Starting at $5,000, you purchase a cloned conference experience with a minute-by-minute show flow, script for general sessions and awards, walk-in and walk-out music and videos to … [Read more…]

The HIPPO In The Room: You Are Not Your Audience

Dear Conference Organizer: You are not your audience. You are not your customers. Yes, you have your own preferences, your own likes, your own tastes. But you are not planning that event for yourself. And what you like is probably far from what your audience likes. You have to get out of your own mind. … [Read more…]

Your Conference Attendance Marketing Silver Bullet

It’s rare to find a silver bullet that actually works. And I’ve seen one lately. The Registrant List As A Lure For conference attendance acquisition, that bullet is the attendee list. The attendee list acts as a lure attracting those that have not registered yet. So let potential attendees see who else is already registered. … [Read more…]

Create An Event Pre-Mortem Instead Of An Event Autopsy

The knife plunged into the skin creating a diagonal slash starting at the shoulder. The gloved hands plunged the knife into the body again creating a second diagonal cut in the opposite shoulder. The two incisions met at a point and then continued in a vertical downward slice. The letter Y was scarred permanently into … [Read more…]

Your Memory: The Engine And Bottleneck Of Learning

Myth: The more we sit and listen to conference lectures, the more we learn. Fact: Our memory is both the engine and the bottleneck of learning. The more information we receive without thinking about it, the more we corrupt our learning. Three Critical Factors Of Working Memory Working memory is the part of your mind … [Read more…]

The Brain As A Gambler And Conference Camouflaged Listeners

If we wanted to create an education environment that is directly opposed to what the brain is good at doing, we would design something like today’s conference lectures. Listening to a 45-, 60- or 90-minute lecture floods the working memory with information. We can’t store everything we hear in our memory. The Brain As A … [Read more…]

Meeting Planners Cheat Sheet: Food

Here’s the second in a series of four quick tip sheets for meeting and event professionals regarding food and beverage, and meeting room setups.  Here’s the first tip sheet: Meeting Planners Cheat Sheet: Beverages. Most venues consider food and beverage as a significant revenue center. Often hotels give free meeting space based on the amount … [Read more…]

Meeting Planners Cheat Sheet: Beverages

Here’s the first in a series of four quick tip sheets for meeting and event professionals regarding food and beverage, and meeting room setups. It’s also a great referral sheet for those appointed to handle meeting logistics for their company’s meetings and need some insight. Morning Beverages Amount to serve: 1 gallon regular coffee per … [Read more…]