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The Ironic Challenge Attracting Academics As Your Conference Target Market

Many conferences depend upon academic researchers to present at their event. Yet that very research often puzzles their conference stakeholders. Even after their customers slice through the layers of jargon and technicalities, the research still seems mystifying. Sometimes the research seems to capture a resounding “Well, duh!” from the audience. Other times, the research presented … [Read more…]

Do You Plan Meetings With 500+ People?

Do you plan meetings with 500 or more people? Do you secure both professional and industry speakers for your events? If yes to both questions, would you give us about 10 minutes of your time to complete this survey? Velvet Chainsaw has partnered with Tagoras, a leading market research and learning consulting company to capture … [Read more…]

Help Us With This Meetings And Education Research

Our mantra is that we are here to help you. It is our goal to help You The meetings and association profession and The hospitality and association industries grow and progress. That’s why we rarely ask for your help. We want to be a benefit and provide value. Today is the exception and we hope … [Read more…]