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Seven Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies from Jeff Hurt On average, U.S. corporations lose 50% of their customers every five years says business researcher Frederick Reichheld. An average company has a defection rate of 10%-30% of their customers each year, he says. Raising your customer retention by 5% can increase the lifetime value of your average customer by … [Read more…]

Turning Attendees Into Repeat Loyal Customers

Most conference organizers focus on meeting their paid attendee goals for their upcoming annual event. They are so focused on that one event that they rarely take time to step back and think about the sustainability of the event for the next several years. They concentrate all of their energy, time and resources on meeting … [Read more…]

Are You Using Up Your Event Customers?

The scarcest resource you have is a customer. You can’t manufacture them. You can’t outsource them. You can duplicate them. You can’t make them from a recipe. Your conference and event attendees are the scarcest resource you have. Money Or Customers? Which Do You Need? Which do you need more to have a successful event? … [Read more…]

Measuring The Value Of Your Conference Attendee

One of the purposes of a business to business event is to build and strengthen customer relationships. Just as one of the purposes of a trade association’s annual meeting is to build and strengthen member relationships. So how do you quantify the value this brings to your organization? How do you quantify the value of … [Read more…]