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Dear Association Leader Who Defends And Champions Status Quo

Dear Association Leader: The status quo does not have your best interest at heart. It feels safe. And familiar. And comfortable. And even successful. But it’s not. It’s a very enticing powerful force. It can seduce you into a seemingly logical yet inadvisable present-forward mindset. You project today’s business into the future and expect yesterday’s … [Read more…]

Since We Are Already Doing What We Are Doing It Cannot Be Too Risky-NOT!

We frequently avoid change. We take comfort in doing the same thing over and over again. It feels safe. When it comes to making changes to a conference or association service, we opt to do what we’ve done in the past. It’s easier. We know the outcome. We believe it’s less risky than changing. Putting … [Read more…]

Your Conference Is Not As Unique As You Think

I’ve got news for conference organizers and hosts. Your conference is not as unique as you think. For the past three years, the team at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting has been reviewing, evaluating and analyzing annual meetings and conferences. Almost every one of our 30+ clients has started our review process with the following statement, “Our … [Read more…]

Be Wary Of The Collision Of Conference Traditions And Attendee Expectations

The future most conference leaders want is at odds with the present they choose. Conference organizers have not even begun to explore the outer limits of their meeting’s full potential. Currently the conference’s limitless potential is crashing headlong into its leader’s self imposed boundaries and limitations. They sell the conference short. Bumping Up Against The … [Read more…]