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Research: People Want Learning Opportunities At Tradeshows!

Many (exhibition) attendees have dual needs for attending: shopping (69%) and learning (66%). ~ CEIR, What Attendees Want From Exhibitions, February 4, 2013 They come to your tradeshow with very real learning needs related to their own personal and professional development. If you are not integrating more education experiences within and at your tradeshow, you … [Read more…]

Five Symptoms That Your Expo Is About To Fail

I’d estimate that maybe 25 percent of those reading this post would do better to sunset your expo for either your annual or topical conference. Are you stunned by this statement? Hear me out. While most associations crave non-dues revenue, sometimes the expo portion of your program is a drag on profit speed. Perhaps it’s … [Read more…]

Virtual Trade Show Business Plans

Tradeshow organizers and exhibitors are leveraging virtual technologies for their benefit. Virtual events are helping them reduce costs, increase lead generation, improve ROI for the exhibitor and attract future buyers. At IAEE’s 2010 Expo! Expo! Nicole Buraglio and I presented a sesson on Virtual Trade Show Business Plans. We explored several business and go-to-market strategies for leveraging … [Read more…]