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Virtual Event Strategies for 2011

This post is written by Dave Lutz. I’m a believer in Hybrid Events and the benefits of extending reach through that strategy. Associations that go down the hybrid road, and make it financially attractive, are putting their profession ahead of profit. AND they will reap long-term benefits. Why I Am Not There On Pure Virtual Events … [Read more…]

Virtual Trade Show Business Plans

Tradeshow organizers and exhibitors are leveraging virtual technologies for their benefit. Virtual events are helping them reduce costs, increase lead generation, improve ROI for the exhibitor and attract future buyers. At IAEE’s 2010 Expo! Expo! Nicole Buraglio and I presented a sesson on Virtual Trade Show Business Plans. We explored several business and go-to-market strategies for leveraging … [Read more…]

Virtual Tradeshows: Horizontal Or Vertical Markets?

This post is by Dave Lutz, Managing Director of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. If you’re a show organizer, you’re probably wondering how to best leverage virtual event technology to help drive revenue, engagement and attract new blood. You might consider a virtual event to incubate a new show idea, attract an international audience, bridge the gap … [Read more…]