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Many Conferences Lack Connective Tissue

Your conference is lacking! Yes, it lacks the connective tissue to support it participants’ true business objectives for attending your event. Yes, it lacks the connective tissue of an obvious framework for the current and future needs of its stakeholders. Connective tissue is a material that supports the vital organs of your body. It provides … [Read more…]

Conference Education Should Drive Business Growth

The only reason that conference education sessions exist is to drive a business’ outcomes. (paraphrase author Rita Smith.) Ok, sure some conference education sessions exist for personal development, hobbies or pleasure. But most of us attend conferences to learn and grow professionally. Yet, in many cases, the business, meaning an attendees’ employer and business, is … [Read more…]

Three Business Models For Your Annual Meeting Conference

Many of us often forget that annual meetings and conferences are actually a business. When we are a member of an organization, we expect the organization to provide an annual meeting at the lowest cost possible so we can attend. But are those member expectations justified? It really depends upon the business model of the … [Read more…]

Events As The New Black In Content Marketing

Using Events As Content Marketing View more presentations from Jeff Hurt Here is the slide deck from my recent presentation at Event Solutions’ Idea Factory 2012 in Las Vegas. Possible Event Content Marketing Business Goals What type of goals might your clients have when considering a face to face event as a content marketing strategy? … [Read more…]