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Your Conference Content Has Magnetic Pull

Content marketing has grown by leaps and bounds during the past five years. Unfortunately, too few event organizers fully embrace the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing. Likewise, many conference professionals have no idea what embracing the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing even means. It’s a foreign concept to them. Most marketing and communications … [Read more…]

10 Ideas for Improving Your Pay-to-Play Conference Presentations

There’s a place for sponsored content in conference programs, if you’re thoughtful in your approach. The seventh of the TED Commandments — “Thou shalt not sell from the stage: neither thy company, thy goods, thy writings, or thy desperate need for funding; lest thou be cast aside into outer darkness” — is especially timely advice. … [Read more…]

Attract With Content; Keep Them With The Experience

The internet has made world-class content front, center, mobile and affordable—often free. Anyone can hear the best experts for free (or nearly free) on almost any device they own. Anyone can get thought leadership at their fingertips. And your conference audience does. They have access to the same information you do. They can hear, watch … [Read more…]

Ninja Moves for Improved Conference Session Marketing

Better session copy helps put butts in seats! As conference education trumps the exhibit hall experience at many association meetings, or creeps into your trade show experience to create a solutions-driven, holistic experience for your attendees, upping your game with session titles, descriptions, and learning objectives has become more important than ever. In 2013, we … [Read more…]

Betsy Bair Joins Velvet Chainsaw

VCC is excited to welcome Betsy Bair, Vice President, Strategic Narratives to the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting team! To better resonate with target attendees, most of our clients are embracing new and more agile attendance acquisition and communication strategies. Betsy’s vast expertise in content and digital marketing will improve our ability to help conference organizers engage … [Read more…]

Building Your Conference Community Drip By Drip

Seth Godin has tremendous influence, particularly in marketing, publishing and entrepreneurial circles. At last count, he’s written 17 bestselling books. Earlier this year, Seth published his 5,000th blog post. While other bloggers float in and out of my daily must-read list, Seth’s been there for years. He’s been dripping valuable insight into my brain, one post at … [Read more…]

Five Forces Reshaping Associations

This past week I heard an amazing presentation by technology guru and business futurist Scott Klososky. I’ve been following Scott since 2007 when I first hired him to present. His presentation, “Leveraging Disruptive Innovations For Business Success,” was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. And, it has given me a lot to … [Read more…]

Content Marketing Strategies Light The Way For Weary Travelers

Traditional marketing methods such as broadcast emails, magazine, radio and TV ads, and web banners are fast losing their appeal. They are expensive as compared to other methods. And we ignore those ads, fast forward past TV ads on our DVRs, buy advertising free radio, use sophisticated spam filters and caller ID, and delete most … [Read more…]

SlideShare: The Largest Professional Content Sharing Community In The World [Infographic]

  According to comScore, SlideShare has 5 times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (which now owns SlideShare). Is this the social media tool that is missing from your tool box? More conferences should consider using SlideShare as a way to share content and information with those outside of their … [Read more…]

Conference Lessons You Can Learn From Apple

I walked into the newly expanded Apple Store at Knox Henderson on the day of the release of the next version of the iPhone. I hesitated at first thinking it would be packed with crowds but my iPhone was stuck in the middle of an upgrade. I needed help and I needed it fast. There … [Read more…]