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Your Conference Messaging Needs To Change Dramatically If You Want To Engage The Most Engaged

People who have the @Work State of Mind are exposed to a fire hose of constant communication. This communication comes from a variety of sources including customers, supervisors, suppliers, co-workers, family members, friends, professional colleagues and social networks. Their @Work State of Mind offers a wonderful opportunity to engage them in considering your conference messaging. … [Read more…]

Reaching Decisions Makers With Conference Communication Has Changed

If you’re trying to reach decision makers—those attendees that matter most to your conference success—you need to understand that nine to five thinking is dead. These senior level executives have adopted a philosophy that work is no longer a place; it is a state of mind says the Forbes 2012 gyro report “The @Work State … [Read more…]

Who Is Your Conference Really Attracting?

Attracting first-class, first-rate, quality attendees is one of the most complex and important keys to your conference’s business model. Too many conferences attempt to be all things to all people and end up with a watered-down offering. You need a process to help you identify your various attendee segments and who your target market is. … [Read more…]