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Your Conference Needs a Hub To Entice Customers and Prospects

At a recent conference consultation with a client, a millennial made me think that I wasn’t keeping up with the times. We were discussing their marketing and communication strategies for their event. I voiced my strong opinion that conference organizers should embrace inbound marketing (pull) over traditional outbound marketing (push). I explained that a blog … [Read more…]

More Marketing Isn’t the Answer

A strategic look at your marketing spend, as well as what you spend on your attendee experience, can be telling. According to Convene’s most recent Meetings Market Survey, on average 6 percent of a meeting’s direct expenses fall in the marketing/promotion category. After studying 100 or so meetings’ profit and loss (P&L) statements in great … [Read more…]

Use Social Proof to Increase Conference Registrations

Most of us don’t read emails from people we don’t recognize. We may skim the contents, but most of the time we just do the quick delete. Unless there’s something that makes us look twice. So imagine you’re catching up on email, you see one from an unknown conference trying to convince you to purchase. … [Read more…]

Three Marketing Flubs That Cause Conference YES Decision Skids

Your email marketing blast generated plenty of clicks. But the registration needle hardly moved. What’s up with that? Conference Registration Frustrations For every smooth registration journey, there are many other frustrating moments that cause people to bail. You worked hard to earn that maybe click. Now they’re skidding and losing interest. Three Marketing Roadblocks Here … [Read more…]

Your Conference Logo Needs Policing

Ok, you get it – Your Conference is a Brand. You’ve moved beyond the “annual meeting” into something more meaningful to your attendees. You’ve got your conference mission. You know how your conference will advance the profession and what’s in it for your participants. Now it is time to put your hard work into action. … [Read more…]

Do You Have Inbred Conference Marketing?

Sure, it is much easier to use association-owned media from your magazines, newsletters, website, blogs and discussion lists to promote your conference. But using only your own lists creates inbred conference marketing. So who are you missing with that marketing? Four Steps To Move Beyond Inbred Marketing How do you find the 20 something that … [Read more…]

Seriously, Your Conference Marketing Is Not About You!

It’s not about you! Seriously, I really mean it; it’s not about you! There is not a more accurate line about marketing your conference than that! No One Cares About You It’s not about you. It’s not about your organization. It’s not about your speakers and your sponsors. It’s not about what unique partnerships you’ve … [Read more…]

Your Conference Needs To Go On An Education Session Diet

Your conference attendees and prospects are less satisfied with an extensive list of education offerings than a narrow one. Too much information overwhelms them. And they walk away without any action. Ultimately, confused customers don’t buy anything. The Paradox Of Choice Yes, it’s true that when given a choice between a small and large assortment, … [Read more…]

Conference Education List Sessions Are Deliciously Temptatious

“37 Mobile Apps In Less Than 60 Minutes!” Tina Brown’s “12 Tips For Engaging Events.” “15 Industry Trends You Need To Know.” Lists! We love them! We are drawn to them. We fancy them. The Lure Of The List Conference session titles that contain a numbered list have become ubiquitous ways to attract a crowd … [Read more…]

The Extraordinary Social Media Event Marketing Guide Infographic

Having a social media plan for your next event is critical to your success. It shouldn’t be an afterthought or something only your attendees use. Here’s an infographic from Marketo that will help you create a Social Media Event Marketing Plan. It’s taken directly from Marketo’s free Definitive Guide to Event Marketing (in case you … [Read more…]