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Leveraging Team Learning at Conferences

Traditionally teams from organizations attend a conference with a divide-and-conquer game plan, as they split up and attend as many different sessions as they can. The challenge with that strategy is that it’s very unlikely any real change will occur when the one team member who experienced the learning returns to work. Will they share … [Read more…]

Business Improvement Conference Education Trends

Does your conference education drive attendees’ business performance? Or are your offerings more a roll of the dice, leaving it up to chance that they impact the attendees’ job performance. The most effective and successful conferences focus their learning opportunities on sustaining attendees’ critical strategic skills, building evolving organizational capabilities and linking conference education to … [Read more…]

Triple Loop Learning, The Loop Of Doom And Conference Transformation

Are you really, really good at what you do? Sure you are. You’ve probably mastered your discipline and expertise. You may even be one of the best conference organizers in the world. Meetings And Conference Success Those meeting professionals that are almost always successful at their work rarely experience failure. And those that have rarely … [Read more…]

Implementing Double Loop Learning For Conference Improvement

Most professionals, like you, are really good at single loop learning. We have a mental map that we use for conference improvement. We follow standard, prescribed routines to solve typical conference problems. That’s single loop learning. (BTW, single and double loop learning applies to any type of organizational improvement. I’m applying it to conference improvements.) … [Read more…]

Develop An Organization That Succeeds Through A Culture Of Learning Infographic

Modern organizations need to develop a learning culture… …If they want to survive in the rapidly changing world in which we now live. A learning culture is a work environment that supports all employees constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.  Our knowledge and skills can become outdated quickly. Successful organizations hire those that embrace life-long learning. … [Read more…]

21st Century Leadership Skills Require Collaborative Learning

Are 21st Century conference organizers trying to create success using outdated 20th Century skills? According to a 2012 Skillsoft survey, too many professionals today are trying to lead with last century’s abilities. Then they wonder why their business, or in this case their conference, is not thriving. Skillsoft’s findings illustrate that 21st Century leaders must … [Read more…]

Three Winning Strategies To Convert Organizational Intentions Into Action

Good intentions don’t move mountains. Bulldozers do. You’ve probably heard that old saying. There’s great truth to it. The Mission And The Plan For many organizations, the mission and the plan–if that’s all there is–are nothing more than good intentions. Many leaders spend great time and resources helping their teams plan for the future. Afterwards, … [Read more…]

Are You Prepared To Lead Your Organization Into The Future?

Many organizations continue to view the future as a linear progression from the past. Their leadership thinks they can predict what happens next. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Myth Of Organizational Linear Progression Authors Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd discuss why this belief is fiction in their book The 2020 Workplace: … [Read more…]