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Why Your Conference Needs More Connexity: Community And Connections

With information accessible 24/7 online, networking has become one of the primary reasons people choose to attend your conference. The opportunity to connect face-to-face is too critical to be happenstance. Creating Conference Connections That Matter Conference attendees want dedicated time that they can connect with individuals to share stories, insight and experiences. Speed networking is … [Read more…]

Six Uber Important Conference Connections

During school, we focused on what was in our heads. We took exams, got grades, received diplomas and worked towards degrees. During work, we focus on doing the job right. Our work is an open-book exam and we access lifelines from our colleagues to the Internet. Accessing our networks is encouraged and welcomed. Success today … [Read more…]

The Extreme Makeover: Conference Edition

Keep the tissues box handy because the tears may flow. And prepare to cover your ears when Ty Pennington belts out that infamous phrase, “Move That Bus!” What often keeps many viewers riveted to the weekly show The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the heart wrenching family story. One filled with anguish and great sorrow … [Read more…]