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Why Your Conference Should Adopt The Healthy Family Metaphor

Did your parents expect you to eventually get a job and your own place to live? Mine did. Did they spend their entire lives loving you, teaching you and training you to eventually make your own decisions? Mine did. Sure, my parents didn’t want me to move across the globe and never see them again. … [Read more…]

Why Your Conference Needs More Connexity: Community And Connections

With information accessible 24/7 online, networking has become one of the primary reasons people choose to attend your conference. The opportunity to connect face-to-face is too critical to be happenstance. Creating Conference Connections That Matter Conference attendees want dedicated time that they can connect with individuals to share stories, insight and experiences. Speed networking is … [Read more…]

Connecting: A Radical New Vision For Conferences And Events

Connections. As important as the plug is to the outlet so the electricity can flow. As important as the computer programming is to the wireless cell tower so our cell phones work. As important as the water faucet is to the plumbing so we can have fresh water. As important as the heart pumping blood … [Read more…]