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Six Web Verbs Associations And #Eventprofs Should Adopt

In the next 20 years, six dramatic technology trends will influence our connected world. We are already watching how these forces are shaping modern web culture. Kevin Kelly, co-founder and senior maverick of Wired Magazine, identified these six trends in his opening keynote at the 2011 Web 2.0 Conference. His reflections give us a window … [Read more…]

6 Radical Work Changes Coming In Next 10 Years: Are You Ready?

Is your organization prepared for increasingly chaotic work environments in the next ten years? The lines between work and non-work have already frayed and will continue to unravel. Gartner, Inc. predicts that the world of work will witness ten key changes through 2020. 6 Key Changes Shaping The World Of Work Here are six of … [Read more…]

Seven Association Stakeholder Principles For 21st Century Success

Collaboration and stakeholders. Two words that strike fear in many association executive hearts. Yet, most associations were built on the foundation of involving all members, giving all members a voice and a vote, and allowing all stakeholders an opportunity to collaborate. Seven Stakeholder Association Principles For 21st Century Success Here are seven stakeholder association principles … [Read more…]

Seven New Association Attitudes For 21st Century Success

TTWWADI (pronounced Twadee). “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” It’s probably the number one excuse used by association professionals to keep programs, services and processes average or status quo. It is heard in association board rooms and offices around the world. It is a major symptom of complacency that can eventually lead to collapse. … [Read more…]

Three 2010 Association Mega Trends

Here is the PowerPoint that Dave and I developed for a nonprofit association strategic planning session recently. You’ll notice three overarching mega trends and 15 trends overall. Association trends2010final View more presentations from Jeff Hurt. What trends would you add to this PowerPoint presentation? What’s your experience with some of these trends?