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It Is Time For Some Conference Metrics Maintenance

If you own a car, you don’t want to ignore preventive maintenance. Rotating the tires, checking the oil and getting scheduled inspections are important to a safe ride and keeping you from expensive future repairs. Just like regular preventive maintenance for your car, your conference needs regular preventive maintenance. The first place to start with … [Read more…]

Conference Organizer: Proceed With Caution!

Danger, conference organizer! Danger! Did you ever watch the late-’60s sci-fi TV series Lost In Space? Yeah, most of you reading this are too young to know or remember it. Still you may have watched it in reruns or at a slumber party. It was known for its iconic robot that served as an early-tornado-type-siren. … [Read more…]

Measuring Actionable Or Vanity Conference Metrics

Your conference needs a checkup! Just like you need an annual doctor’s appointment for routine health checkup, your conference needs a routine checkup. Sure, you may feel like your conference doesn’t need it, just like you feel you don’t need a medical checkup. Regardless of how you feel, it is important. You need to assess … [Read more…]