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Helping Your Remote Virtual Attendees Succeed As Participants

Our time is valuable. Many of us see our time as money, a resource that we don’t want to waste. Asking people to commit 30-, 45- or even 60-minutes of their time to attend your Webinar is asking a lot. It’s critical that your digital event provide tremendous value and ROI or you’ll lose your … [Read more…]

The Top Reason Your Virtual Presentation Failed

I remember the first time I gave a virtual presentation. I was in a small conference room with six other panelists. A camera on a stand faced me. To my left was a computer that looked like a mashup of the old overhead projector and a touch screen. A large screen displaying six feeds at … [Read more…]

Virtual Event Strategies for 2011

This post is written by Dave Lutz. I’m a believer in Hybrid Events and the benefits of extending reach through that strategy. Associations that go down the hybrid road, and make it financially attractive, are putting their profession ahead of profit. AND they will reap long-term benefits. Why I Am Not There On Pure Virtual Events … [Read more…]