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Virtual Events: Strategy Before Execution

My mother used to tell us that “things are going to be different” as we drove home from our annual summer beach vacation. It was her way of getting the family focused on the upcoming routine and discipline of school and work. I remember feeling that her words were both a warning and a promise of … [Read more…]

Steps You Should Be Taking Now for Your Fall Conference

This is the fourth in a series of blogs posts, written collaboratively by our team, which uncover lessons learned in advising dozens of our clients on their events in the time of COVID-19. Although each situation has its own unique issues, we hope you find nuggets to help you with your disruption response and planning. … [Read more…]

Your Two Cents on Virtual Events

Improving digital learning and amplifying conference content to a larger audience is a high priority for most conference organizers. With the advent of DIY solutions, business models that include sponsorship and the ability to reach a global audience, we’re seeing an increased focus on expanding the impact of virtual events. Tagoras, an adviser to associations … [Read more…]

Helping Your Remote Virtual Attendees Succeed As Participants

Our time is valuable. Many of us see our time as money, a resource that we don’t want to waste. Asking people to commit 30-, 45- or even 60-minutes of their time to attend your Webinar is asking a lot. It’s critical that your digital event provide tremendous value and ROI or you’ll lose your … [Read more…]

Six TV News Techniques To Use With Your Digital Events

The art of delivering presentations to remote audiences is anything but new. Radio and television have been doing it for decades. Broadcast Professionals Share The Same Challenges Radio and TV personalities face many of the same challenges that digital event organizers and presenters face. They present to remote, invisible and silent audiences. They can’t see … [Read more…]

Improving Member Loyalty Via Digital Events

Lower costs of conducting digital and hybrid events is making it easier for competitors to reach your market and their wallets. Here is the PPT from the presentation that Dave Lutz and I did for ASAE11 on improving member loyalty. Improving Member Loyalty Via Digital Events View more presentations from Jeff Hurt. What are your … [Read more…]

Speaker Tips When Using A Live Stream, Backchannel And Face To Face Experience

In the past two weeks, I’ve done three live streamed presentations. It’s more work than a traditional presentation. With a few tweaks to my traditional face to face presentation, everyone benefits. The rewards of the extra work are worth it! Presenting To Three Audiences At Once The challenge when presenting for a hybrid event is … [Read more…]

What Is The Right Mix? Face-to-Face, Digital, Hybrid Events

Your meeting’s reach no longer stops at the conference room walls. Now technology makes it possible to reach people you never had access to before.  The question is: How much should be live-only and how much shared with a remote audience?  How do you create an environment that makes your remote attendees feel they are … [Read more…]

Virtual Event Strategies for 2011

This post is written by Dave Lutz. I’m a believer in Hybrid Events and the benefits of extending reach through that strategy. Associations that go down the hybrid road, and make it financially attractive, are putting their profession ahead of profit. AND they will reap long-term benefits. Why I Am Not There On Pure Virtual Events … [Read more…]