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Harness Your Conference Data To Produce Big Insights

Appeasing conference stakeholders has become more complex and difficult in today’s fast changing business climate. Maintaining and growing share of wallet, attention and loyalty requires intentionality. To out maneuver the conference competition, we have to be nimble, decisive and in constant beta mode. To compete today requires identifying, selling and leading change. This is a … [Read more…]

Your Competitors Are Using Big Data To Improve Their Events [Infographic]

Big data has been on the lips of many business professionals for some time now. So is it a big mistake or a promising trend to apply? Expo and Global Experience Specialists (GES) developed a study that looks at how event producers and exhibitors are collecting and analyzing data to help their customers and their … [Read more…]

Changing Conference Metrics To Design For Attendee Loyalty

Quick, name any business that makes money from one-time customers only. Can you do it? What business model depends upon a one-time customer purchasing services or products from the company and never returning? You probably can’t think of a successful business model that works that way. Repeat Business Is Required For Success Imagine a restaurant … [Read more…]

Sculpting Customer Feedback To Design Your Conference

The voice of the customer is always right. Or is it? When conference organizers look for ways to improve the attendees’ experience, they typically turn to their registrants for feedback. They turn to their customers to direct their investment decisions for conference improvements. Gaining Conference Attendee Intelligence Conference organizers use a variety of ways to … [Read more…]

As A Conference Organizer Do You Have Delusional Data Hubris?

Do you believe that you currently collect all the necessary data from your meeting attendees? Are you convinced that you already have all of the important analytics regarding your conferences that you would ever need? Perhaps you are a conference organizer that thinks you have 100 percent of all the knowledge available to you through … [Read more…]

The Three Vs Of Big Data As Applied To Conferences

Many conference organizers are familiar with the saying location, location, location! They know that their conference location has to be attractive to their prospective customers or they won’t attend. Some organizers know the 4Ps of marketing: product, promotion, place and price. So how many meeting professionals are familiar with the 3Vs of big data? Defining … [Read more…]

Your Conference Competitiveness Depends Upon Flexing Big Data Muscles

Everyone seems to be talking about the tech trend Big Data! According to IBM’s 2011 CIO report of 3,000 global companies, more than 80% identified business analytics from big data as their top priority for business competitiveness. Technology guru Graham Oakes says that 90% of the data ever created has been created in the last … [Read more…]