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Grow Your Conference By Becoming An Attendee Action Hero

You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Nor do you have to fly at the speed of light to respond to a conference crisis. Nor do you have to use your special hidden super powers to meet your attendees’ expectations. Instead, it’s more about reliability than heroics. It’s about creating a … [Read more…]

Your Conference Needs A Customer Vision Statement

What is your vision for your conference customer? In case you are confused by the term conference customer, I mean your paying attendee or registrant. What is your vision for your conference customer, the paying attendee? How do you hope to help your paying attendee to grow, evolve or transform? What traits and characteristics do … [Read more…]

Designing Conference Customers, Not Just Traditional Conferences

We are thinking about conference innovation from the wrong perspective. We usually think about conference innovation as something we create for our paying attendees. Or we think about innovation as something we design with attendees through crowdsourcing. We need to make a critical leap. Conference innovation is a way to design attendees! Innovation should be … [Read more…]

Conference Growth Is Connected To Unique Attendee Experiences

If you want to grow your conference, you need to annually create a unique conference experience. You also need to create an emotional bond with your registrants. We have to remember that our registrants are people too. And your conference experience should help them solve the issues that are keeping them up at night. Our … [Read more…]

Five Colossal Rotten Ways To Torpedo Your Conference Growth

Very few of us want to see our conferences grow and expand. Right? Similarly, very few of us are willing to make changes to the conference agenda, planning process and attendee experience all in the name of growth. Right again! We do everything we can to avoid change. So if change is associated with conference … [Read more…]

Why Your Conference Should Adopt The Healthy Family Metaphor

Did your parents expect you to eventually get a job and your own place to live? Mine did. Did they spend their entire lives loving you, teaching you and training you to eventually make your own decisions? Mine did. Sure, my parents didn’t want me to move across the globe and never see them again. … [Read more…]

Gaining Conference Market Share Through Legal Stealing

Unless your conference is growing, you are on the road to decline. All conference attendance plateaus eventually erode. Unless you are taking conference attendee market share from others, you are not growing significantly. Stealing And Trespassing Are Legal When Attracting Conference Registrants There is a closed market for conference registrants. Yes, that’s right. There is … [Read more…]

Four Primary Reasons People Will Not Register For Your Event

Your supervisor walks into your office and closes the door. She sits down and says, “We’ve set a new goal for you for our annual meeting. We need an increase of 10% in full registrations.” “As the point person for our meetings and events, you need to make this happen,” she exclaims as she exits … [Read more…]

Increasing Conference Customers Through Social Media, Reach And Yield

Where do new conference customers come from? Do you know the cost of acquiring your next customer? Those are the magic questions many conference organizers want answered. Incorporating The FRY Method Author Olivier Blanchard talks about using the FRY method with social media to increase customers in his book Social Media ROI. The FRY Method … [Read more…]

Using Social Media And The FRY Method To Increase Event Registrations

“It’s all just a numbers game. There’s not a secret to increasing event registration. You just sell more,” says your boss. “You want to increase your sales? Just talk to more people. Pick up the phone and call more potential attendees. Send out more emails. Create more direct mail marketing pieces. Get more eyeballs. That’s … [Read more…]