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Seven Reasons Why Your Conference Attendees Don’t Want You To Change

It’s just not the conference is used to be! That’s a common complaint from long-term conference attendees. Often they resist changes or conference growth. Conference organizers have to carefully watch placating these long-term attendees versus attracting new ones. Sometimes, we have to let the legacy attendees complain or leave in order to make the appropriate … [Read more…]

Five Colossal Rotten Ways To Torpedo Your Conference Growth

Very few of us want to see our conferences grow and expand. Right? Similarly, very few of us are willing to make changes to the conference agenda, planning process and attendee experience all in the name of growth. Right again! We do everything we can to avoid change. So if change is associated with conference … [Read more…]

Why Your Conference Should Adopt The Healthy Family Metaphor

Did your parents expect you to eventually get a job and your own place to live? Mine did. Did they spend their entire lives loving you, teaching you and training you to eventually make your own decisions? Mine did. Sure, my parents didn’t want me to move across the globe and never see them again. … [Read more…]

Using Content Marketing To Grow Conference Attendance

  Joe Pulizzi shares how he uses content marketing to grow attendance at the Content Marketing World Conference. Here’s a rundown of his video if you want to fast forward to a specific area. 00:10 – Who Is Joe Pulizzi & What Is The Content Marketing World Conference 01:00 – What Is Content Marketing? 02:07 … [Read more…]