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Five Steps To Become Conference Content-Strategist-Curators (Part 1)

If you are a conference organizer, imagine your job as a museum curator. Art gallery and museum curators use judgment and a distinguished sense of style to select and arrange art. They juxtapose art pieces against one another to create a narrative, evoke a response and communicate a message. Conference organizers must approach a conference’s … [Read more…]

Seeing The Meeting Professional As Content Strategist And Conference Curator

Our conference participants are becoming progressively more sophisticated. At the same time, our digital network is becoming increasingly complex bringing current information and our audience closer. Often our conference participants walk into our events knowing more than our speakers. Their experiences applying knowledge and information frequently surpass that of our presenters. So how can we … [Read more…]

Face To Face Events Popular B2B Content Marketing Strategy Says Study

You’ve probably heard the mantra, “You should be using content marketing if you want to be successful.” So where do face to face events fit within the content marketing strategy? Report Identifies Events As Important According to a study by MarketingProfs and Junta42, in partnership with the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and American Business Media … [Read more…]

The Art Of Sculpting Conference Design

Recently I wrote Two Reasons Why Crowdsourcing Your Conference Content Won’t Work. In that post, I referred to organizations that were using crowdsourcing as a voting platform to source their conference topics, speakers and sessions. These organizations were not using crowdsourcing in its purest form as a distributed problem-solving and production model. It was strictly … [Read more…]