Using Gamification To Influence Event Participants’ Behavior

Gamification is the current shiny object for the meetings and events industry. Why all the hype about gamification? As the business sector is discovering, gamification has the power to Increase and improve customer engagement Build customer loyalty Incent customers to do specific things  Defining Gamification  Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game dynamics … [Read more…]

Four Rules to Create Value 2.0 for Events

This article was written (well, ghostwritten by me in collaboration with Dave Lutz) for Dave’s People & Processes column in PCMA’s April edition of Convene. Every association is faced with a choice: Find ways to capitalize on disruptive technologies — which enable hybrid and virtual meetings — or ignore them at their own risk. Many … [Read more…]

The Conference E-Word As Important As Pinball Wizard, Mafia Wars & World of Warcraft

Engagement. When you read that word, what does it mean to you? I was talking with BeEvents’ Ray Hanson, Event Solutions Publisher Meredith McIlmoyle, Pink, Inc.’s, Deb Roth, and Conference Content Strategist and Emcee Glenn Thayer at Event Solutions Conference this past week. During our conversation, someone dropped the “e-bomb: engagement.” There it was resting … [Read more…]