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Has Your Leadership Evolved For The New Normal?

Change is hard. Foresight—looking forward—is hard. Why? Because we prefer certainty and concreteness to ambiguity and abstraction. Becoming a new normal leader requires shifting your perspective. It means becoming biased towards consistent, persistent evolution, not inclined to keep things the way they are which results in stagnant-status-quo-sameness. Your organization’s sustainable success depends upon you transforming … [Read more…]

On Becoming A New Normal Leader

It’s a common, well-accepted, well-worn and overused term: the New Normal. It’s also stealthily deceptive and destructive. It’s critical that successful leaders understand that linear thinking is just an exit ramp in a world of exponential change. Many of today’s leaders, especially association board of directors and CEOs, think that the new normal will eventually … [Read more…]

Tides Of Change: Trends Disrupting The Meetings Industry

Disruptive forces are significantly reshaping the world of work and the meetings industry. Some of these changes have been brewing for a decade or more. The recession exacerbated their influence and speeded up their effects. Companies that survived the downturn need to shift their focus to surviving the upturn. We are not ever going to … [Read more…]

Welcome To The New Normal: Tips For Event Professionals

On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, I had the pleasure of presenting a breakout at Explore Minnesota 2010 Tourism Conference. Here is the workshop description and PPT from that presentation. Many American consumers have internalized the recession experience. Research shows that marketers need a fresh lens through which to view consumers in a post-recession world. Traditional … [Read more…]