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Creating Compelling Irresistible Social Conference Experiences

Social. It’s a word that strikes fear in some and excites others. Today it seems that everything is social. From social media to social networking to social technology to social business, the trend is all things social. It’s the new black. Defining The Social Conference So what is the social conference? Does it mean adding … [Read more…]

How Twitter Is Socializing Conferences

Have you noticed an emerging trend of Twitter and Facebook integrating with TV? Smartphones and tablets are now on coffee tables beside the TV remote. Nielsen says that 40% of television watchers are multiscreening everyday. These couch potatoes have a TV remote in one hand and their mobile device in the other! Why? One-third of … [Read more…]

Radically Relational: The Social Conference

The Conference As A Distribution Center Typical conferences, events and seminars can all too easily become a distribution center, a place where attendees can come and get stuff and the conference organizers can dump stuff. The attendees receive education, information, new contacts, and swag. The conference organizers secure speakers to dump their presentations, vendors and … [Read more…]

Social Conference Strategy Without Human Engagement = Fail

Social Conference Strategy Without Human Engagement = Fail or Why Conference Organizers Need To Think Like Community Managers Canned speeches and passive audiences are out! Conference attendees have reached keynote fatigue. Attendees want conferences that implement more social strategies. Not sure what a “Social Conference” is? Read Do You Conference Social? and 6 Steps For … [Read more…]

Don’t Get Caught With Your Social Pants Down. Six Considerations For The Social Conference.

Traditional conferences versus social conferences. Which will you plan this year? Not sure about the “Social Conference?” Read this post on “Screw Your Event Resolutions. Do You Conference Social?” Here are six things to consider when planning the Social Conference so you don’t get caught with your social pants down. 1. In this new information landscape, … [Read more…]

Screw Your Ole Event Resolutions. Do You Conference Social?

Have you made some event resolutions for 2010? I suspect it may have included something about integrating social media into your conference format. Well, it’s time to screw your event resolutions about integrating social media. No, I’m not a heretic that has moved to the dark side banning social media from events and conferences. Calm … [Read more…]