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Social Media And Events Continue To Grow: 2012 Research

Marketers still place a high value on social media. 83% of marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner indicate that social media is important to their business. 73% of event organizers surveyed by Amiando indicate that social media is important to their conferences, events and meetings. Clearly social media is a fad that’s gone rad and … [Read more…]

Comparing Users Activities On Social Networking Sites

  It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the daily growing user numbers of many social networks. How many people are on Facebook now? And how many users does Pinterest have? What about the number of women on Twitter? This infographic from Go-Gulf.com shares the latest facts and figures about the users of the top … [Read more…]

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest: 60 Seconds In Social Media [Infographic]

  Did you know? That every 60 seconds Foursquare has 2,000 checkins LinkedIn has 7,610 searches Twitter has 175,000 tweets Facebook has 700,000 messages sent And more. Check out this Infographic from Social Jumpstart, which takes a closer look at what happens in social media every 60 seconds.

Social Media Equals Human Content And Connection

The term social media has become fused with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But that’s wrong. It is so much more than those three social networking tools. What Is Social Media Anyway? Web 1.0 was about online delivery of information. It was static information on pages. It was one-way broadcast. Web 2.0 is bidirectional, dynamic and … [Read more…]

Walking On Social Sunshine: Identifying Your Nonprofit Association’s Social Footprint

  I used to think maybe you loved me, now nonprofit I’m not sure And I just can’t wait for the day when you ping my mobile galore Now every time I visit my social networks, gotta hold myself down Cos I just wait till you update me your coming around  I’m walking on social … [Read more…]