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Is Your Conference Twitter Worthy Or Not?

If no one tweets about your event, did it really happen? While you may think this question is absurd, research shows that we’ve moved from the “experience economy” to the “social economy.” Now, it’s not good enough to simply attend an event. We have to tell others about that event while it’s happening, or the … [Read more…]

Every 60 Seconds These 21 Things Happen On the Internet

Infographic by Shanghai Web Designers. The World Wide Web is growing rapidly. On average, 6 billion pages are added to the World Wide Web every day. Take a look at Go-Gulf infographic about what happens on the web every 60 seconds. Did You Know? Did you know that every 60 seconds: The search engine Google … [Read more…]

Transitioning From The Experience Economy To The Social Economy

To paraphrase President Bill Clinton, “It’s the Social Economy, stupid!” The McCann Worldgroup says that we have moved from the Experience Economy to the Social Economy. Their research indicates that the current economy is moving into a new phase where people seek to define themselves by their ability to connect, share and communicate. Consumers place … [Read more…]