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Social Media, Social Technology Tools And Social Learning For Your Conference

OK, I admit it. I’m an information junkie! I’m addicted to learning new information. Learning, My Drug Of Choice Learning is my drug of choice. I get a high when my internal light bulb flashes. With each aha, my body is flooded with endorphins. I consume hordes of information on a regular basis. I love … [Read more…]

10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Mobile Site [Infographic]

Consider your own mobile device habits. Much of your web surfing, online purchasing and information sharing routines have changed. A large portion occurs from your smartphone or tablet. Here are 10 reasons why your organization needs a mobile site. 10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Site Infographic by AD:60 How is your organization tracking … [Read more…]

Social Media And Events: Listening, Pre-Conference Chats And Community Managers

Are you using social media as a push or pull strategy for your event? Are you trying to force traditional marketing strategies into the social media funnel? Author Jonathan Fields discusses ways to use social media for your next conference or event beyond the traditional social media marketing strategies. Video edited from PCMA’s Convening Leaders … [Read more…]

Helping Your Attendees Aspire To Their Dreams

I strongly believe that consumption is less about reflecting who we are–even though that’s clearly a fundamental dimension of it–as much as it’s about who we wish to be. ~ Paul Mullins, The Archaeology Of Consumer Culture. Your conference attendees’ choice of education sessions identifies who they are and also about who they want to … [Read more…]

Are Pirates Running Your Social Media?

Arrrr! Ahoy Mateys. We be here to take over th’ seven seas. We want ye gold. We want ye social media engagement. ‘Tis better to do ‘n ask fer forgiveness than wait fer ye approval. Translation: Hello social media friends, followers and connections! We don’t care about unspoken, traditional, bureaucratic practices and procedures. We are … [Read more…]

4 Top Technology Predictions That Will Affect Your Organization

These Gartner predictions highlight the trends and disruptive events that will reshape the nature of business for the next four years. They focus on changes in the role that technology plays in business performance, our personal and professional lives, and in the global economy. Gartner evaluated more than 100 predictions based on audience appeal, impact … [Read more…]

Confusing Social Terms Defined. Cheat Sheet: Web 2.0 Glossary

Imagine for a moment that in 1998, Google was operating in a garage, Apple introduced the iMac and the founder of Facebook was still in junior high school. Fast forward to today. A lot has changed. We’ve seen the rise of collaborative software and social networks. Web 2.0 has made seismic shifts in our communications, … [Read more…]

Every 60 Seconds These 21 Things Happen On the Internet

Infographic by Shanghai Web Designers. The World Wide Web is growing rapidly. On average, 6 billion pages are added to the World Wide Web every day. Take a look at Go-Gulf infographic about what happens on the web every 60 seconds. Did You Know? Did you know that every 60 seconds: The search engine Google … [Read more…]

Why Your Event Needs To Increase Its Social Media Monitoring

The majority of conference and event organizers are not monitoring social media. Are you? According to a 2011 Social Media & Events Report released by amaindo, more than 60% of event organizers do not use social media to listen, connect and collect data about their customers and potential customers. Event organizers are overlooking a lot … [Read more…]