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Six Incredibly Boring And Monstrous Mistakes In Digital Education

The majority of online education is poorly designed and extremely boring. We’ve all attended Webinars that make root canals seem more exciting! Six Big Online Education Mistakes University Professor Guillermo Ramirez, author of The Virtual Presenter, believes that online education is here to stay. Unfortunately, most organizations continue to deliver poor online education experiences. Here … [Read more…]

Drag Is A Four Letter Word To Avoid In Digital Presentations

Your digital presentation must keep moving or it will be abandoned! As a digital presenter, you can’t afford to get bogged down for any reason. If you do, you will lose attendees. Faster, Upbeat Pace The pace of your Webinar, teleseminar or virtual presentation must be faster than your traditional face-to-face presentation. No, that doesn’t … [Read more…]

You Need To Be Relentless To Make Your Digital Presentation Interesting

If you don’t keep you virtual presentation engaging, it will be forgotten! The greatest challenge for those presenting content virtually, is keeping their presentation more interesting than the distractions. Virtual Presentations And Distractions Abound The amount of free or low cost Webinars and electronic presentations is multiplying daily. Our in-boxes are flooded with invitations to … [Read more…]

Five Traits Of Outstanding Online Presentations

The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we are ready for it. ~ Arnold Glasgow The number of poor online presentations is rapidly growing. The number of poor virtual presenters is expanding even faster. Poorly designed webinars, boring online conferences, ineffective hybrid events and emotionless virtual meetings litter our digital landscape … [Read more…]

Six Conferences To Watch In 2011

I like to attend conference and events that are unpredictable, unusual and unforgettable. I suspect you are like me. We don’t want to attend another conference that is so predictable that we know when to arrive at the general session so that we miss all of the preliminary chest-thumping and business bravado. Conferences that are … [Read more…]

Holiday Showcase 2010 Education Sneak Peek

Whet your appetite with Association Forum of Chicagoland’s Holiday Showcase 2010 sneak peek webinars! This year Holiday Showcase has doubled their education, offering more learning opportunities than they have in the past 22 years. Choose from 12 education breakouts and one general session. See Holiday Showcase 2010 full education schedule. Check out some of Holiday Showcase’s … [Read more…]