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Using Social Media Successfully For A Digital Concierge And Customer Service 3.0

Ever been in a small business or restaurant that has a small bell sitting on the front counter? Next to the bell is a sign with the words “Ring for service.” In my opinion, many of today’s social media networks are the equivalent of that little bell with the words “Tweet or post for service.” … [Read more…]

You Need To Be Relentless To Make Your Digital Presentation Interesting

If you don’t keep you virtual presentation engaging, it will be forgotten! The greatest challenge for those presenting content virtually, is keeping their presentation more interesting than the distractions. Virtual Presentations And Distractions Abound The amount of free or low cost Webinars and electronic presentations is multiplying daily. Our in-boxes are flooded with invitations to … [Read more…]

Six TV News Techniques To Use With Your Digital Events

The art of delivering presentations to remote audiences is anything but new. Radio and television have been doing it for decades. Broadcast Professionals Share The Same Challenges Radio and TV personalities face many of the same challenges that digital event organizers and presenters face. They present to remote, invisible and silent audiences. They can’t see … [Read more…]

Improving Member Loyalty Via Digital Events

Lower costs of conducting digital and hybrid events is making it easier for competitors to reach your market and their wallets. Here is the PPT from the presentation that Dave Lutz and I did for ASAE11 on improving member loyalty. Improving Member Loyalty Via Digital Events View more presentations from Jeff Hurt. What are your … [Read more…]