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Lessons From Bruno Mars on Audience Engagement

What can Bruno Mars teach us about audience engagement for our ballroom experiences? Plenty. Earlier this week, I witnessed 7,000 participants (from Linksters to Boomers) stand, clap, sing and dance for 75 minutes at his sold-out Denver Moonshine Jungle concert. If you saw his performance at the 2014 Super Bowl halftime, you already know the … [Read more…]

Association Virtual Event Strategy Benchmarking

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller Virtual event strategies are evolving fast too! First, many tried to monetize them (instead of viewing them as a campaign). Next, quite a few associations embraced hybrid as their future. Now we’re seeing … [Read more…]

Drag Is A Four Letter Word To Avoid In Digital Presentations

Your digital presentation must keep moving or it will be abandoned! As a digital presenter, you can’t afford to get bogged down for any reason. If you do, you will lose attendees. Faster, Upbeat Pace The pace of your Webinar, teleseminar or virtual presentation must be faster than your traditional face-to-face presentation. No, that doesn’t … [Read more…]

You Need To Be Relentless To Make Your Digital Presentation Interesting

If you don’t keep you virtual presentation engaging, it will be forgotten! The greatest challenge for those presenting content virtually, is keeping their presentation more interesting than the distractions. Virtual Presentations And Distractions Abound The amount of free or low cost Webinars and electronic presentations is multiplying daily. Our in-boxes are flooded with invitations to … [Read more…]

Six TV News Techniques To Use With Your Digital Events

The art of delivering presentations to remote audiences is anything but new. Radio and television have been doing it for decades. Broadcast Professionals Share The Same Challenges Radio and TV personalities face many of the same challenges that digital event organizers and presenters face. They present to remote, invisible and silent audiences. They can’t see … [Read more…]

Eight Ways To Spook Your Remote Audience

Presenting to a face-to-face audience is difficult, even scary. Presenting to a remote audience in a webinar, teleseminar or virtual event is difficult squared. It can be frightening and unsettling. Eight Ways To Haunt Your Remote Audience Here are eight non-tips and tricks that horror movies avoid. These are guaranteed to create dread and fear … [Read more…]

The Conference Attendee Of The Future

Is this the conference attendee of the future? It looks like a smart phone attached to a Segway. It’s a video conferencing robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Imagine this: a remote conference attendee navigating the conference venue, interacting with colleagues, roaming the exhibit hall and performing a wide range of tasks. … [Read more…]

Live Streaming: Hollywood Production Value Or Good Enough For Learning

It’s the end of the (meetings) world as we know it. ~ Paraphrase, R.E.M. “This might be the beginning of the end…and the dawn of a new era in which people think recorded video as passé and demand live streaming of events,” says Priya Ramesh on The Buzz Bin Blog.  YouTube Going Live “With over … [Read more…]

Does Your Hybrid Event Have The It Factor?

Your heart races as your fingers type at lightning speed. You’re running behind schedule and want to make sure that you catch the opening general session online. Due to budget and schedule conflicts, you couldn’t attend that annual meeting. You didn’t want to miss some of the content so you registered as a virtual attendee. … [Read more…]

Make Your Hybrid Event A Romper Room Experience

  Are you old enough to remember the children’s television show Romper Room? It ran in the United States from 1954 to 1994. It also was televised in Australia, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Hybrid Event Lessons From Romper Room Romper Room was aimed at children ages five and under. … [Read more…]