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Old Conference Education Memes Die Hard

What does it mean to learn at a conference? What tools does it take for learning to be successful in that environment? Most people say that successful learning occurs when a speaker presents to an audience. It requires a subject matter expert (SME) or panel of SMEs, research, content and a lecture. It must have … [Read more…]

Becoming Conference Brain Changers

Never in society have we known so much about how our brains operate and how we learn. Today, we know what to do to foster successful learning at our conferences and events. Becoming A Brain Changer Research in cognitive neuroscience or mind, brain and education science is providing exciting new insights into how the brain … [Read more…]

Uses And Abuses Of The Common Lecture

Few people agree about what makes a good lecture. It’s like asking about what is good art or great music. Our personal tastes are all over the map. Some researchers have found that individuals want different and often conflicting things from a lecture. Since lectures will be evaluated and assessed at extremes of a rating … [Read more…]

What Really Happens When We Listen To A Lecture

The ubiquitous lecture. On any given day thousands of lectures occur across the globe. People gather in arenas, board rooms, city halls, colleges and universities, conferences, conference rooms, churches, general sessions, libraries, meeting rooms, schools and theaters to hear lectures. It is the most common method used when teaching adults. Unfortunately, it is also ineffective … [Read more…]

Looking To Learn: Why Visuals Are So Important

How much do you learn from your sight? Take a guess. The majority of scientific and education researchers agree that about 75 percent of your learning is through your vision. Wow, that’s a lot. According to neuroscientist Dr. John Medina, “The more visual the input becomes, the more likely it is to be recognized and … [Read more…]

Overhauling Your Conference To Adapt To The Lean, Mean, Thinking Machine

Regardless of one’s age, culture, gender or race, we share one thing in common: Our human brains love to learn! Our brains are a lean, mean, thinkin’ machine. It’s always on the prowl for new things to explore. It is genetically programmed to learn. Brain Boredom Our brains are always paying attention to something says … [Read more…]

Preventing Death By Lecture Through Audience Discussion

Many people believe that PowerPoint (PPT) presentations are a leading killer of learning. We even call it “Death by PPT.” Actually, the typical 45-, 60- or 90-minute speech has a higher mortality rate than PPT. And that speech may actually be a fugitive living under an assumed name like keynote, lecture, breakout, plenary, concurrent or … [Read more…]

10 Brain-Based Learning Laws That Trump Traditional Education

If you play cards you know the importance of a trump. A trump is a card which ranks higher than the played cards. A trump suit outranks all cards of plain suits. Literally, a trump refers to any sort of action, authority or policy that automatically prevails over others. The Brain’s Natural Learning Trumps The … [Read more…]

Do You Want Your Conference Attendees To Hear Content Or Learn It?

Here’s a question to think about as a conference organizer or speaker. Do you want your attendees to hear the content or learn it? Goal: Hear The Information If your goal is for your attendees to hear the information, then continue planning like you always have. The lecture is the quickest, easiest and most efficient … [Read more…]

Social Isolation In The Midst Of A Crowded General Session

Rows and rows of chairs in straight lines face the stage. Aisles separate sections of chairs so people can navigate the room. The large ballroom easily seats 5,000 people theater style. The air is cold and stale. The lights dim. A dancing image appears on the front screens and the delay screens hanging from the … [Read more…]