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Conference Sponsorship As An Investment In Relatedness, Connections And Community

Often we feel that conference sponsorship is a necessary but unpleasant activity to support an event. We are uncomfortable asking organizations for money to support our endeavors. Sometimes that uncomfortable feeling is more a reflection of our personal beliefs about money than our beliefs about our conference’s impact. Raising conference sponsorship dollars should actually be … [Read more…]

Keys to Sponsorship Success

Lots of conference organizers want a magic formula for pricing sponsorships. Sadly, there isn’t one. To grow this critical revenue line, sponsorship seekers must do the following: Earn a high concentration of participants who have influence on deal making or purchases. Involve leadership in the relationship building of primary investors or targets. Place attendees’ needs … [Read more…]

Sponsorship Ideas From Super Bowl Fan Experiences

Super Bowl fans paid big money to attend the experience in Arizona. Sponsors paid big money for game day ads. And some paid for unique customer experiences, some onsite and some online. The savviest sponsors engaged fans before they ever hit the turnstiles or clicked their remote. They knew that getting the most from their … [Read more…]

Declining Sponsorship Dollars? Here Is How To Increase The Value!

Are you whining about declining sponsorship dollars? What are you doing to enhance your relationships with sponsors. And keep them close? Velvet Chainsaw’s VP, Expo/Sponsor Sales & Activation, Donna Kastner, talks with PSAV’s The Intersection on increasing sponsorship value. What are you doing to increase sponsorship value? What challenges do you face with your conference … [Read more…]

Sponsorship: From Uninspiring To Really Mattering

When attendees interact with your sponsors, do they feel marginalized or like they really matter? Are you forcing your sponsors’ messages on your conference attendees or helping sponsors offer insights that attendees may actually value? Remember That Last Event You Attended Think back to an event that you attended. Quick: Do you remember any of … [Read more…]

Proving Conference Emotional Marketing Sponsor Spend

Exhibit-booth footprints are shrinking across nearly every industry. The Good News There is a silver lining though: the opportunity to develop fruitful strategic partnerships. Just be ready to prove why a sponsor’s dollars are well spent on your organization. The Bad News More companies are demonstrating their products and services via digital technology rather than … [Read more…]

Sponsorships Change Dramatically In Radical Ground-Breaking Revolutionary Conferences

Think about your conference attendees for a minute. And think about the lives they lead on a daily basis. Now think about the roles corporate brands want to play in their lives as conference sponsors. That’s a hard thing for a brand to accomplish at a conference or even in the real world. Consider Your … [Read more…]

The Sponsorship Whisperer Builds Trust With Each Encounter

Horse whisperers move carefully, listen intently, and earn trust through each encounter, even with the most unruly of horses. And there’s a lot they can teach us about sponsorship sales. Many conferences struggle with flat or declining revenue from exhibitors and sponsors. For some, it’s because their attendees don’t have enough buying influence or authority. … [Read more…]